Project: ESVAGT temporary tattoos


In connection with the shipping company ESVAGT receiving their all new vessels ESVAGT FARADAY and ESVAGT FROUDE, and the entry to a all new sector for the company a open house for the companies employees were held. To make it a very special day, ESVAGT wanted to be able to handout special made gifts for the kids.

The choice of this gift fell upon temporary tattoos. I was asked to design and draw some flat and simple drawings of most of the vessel types of ESVAGT.


All the drawings was done by hand in Adobe Illustrator. I had a pictures of the vessels available and tried to make the drawings as realistic as possible without keeping too many details.

Under this, you will see a (flipped) picture of ESVAGT PROTECTOR that I used for drawing the illustration of the vessel.

Along with the drawings of the vessels, I chose to draw some small gimmicks for the kids as well. A small boat, which is one of the main businesses for ESVAGT, a I <3 ESVAGT and anchor with the logo of ESVAGT. The kids loved these small gimicks that made them look like real seamens.