Project: Novosight corporate videos

In connection with a semester project at my education, we worked together with the marketing company Novosight. They missed a lot of content for their online channels and we, therefore, decided on helping them create some of this.

I decided on helping them with a few corporate videos that they could use on their blog articles, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

It resulted in five shorter videos ready for upload to their social channels and one profile video for the company.

All the videos were recorded with my Sony A7II and my DJI Ronin M along with a Røde lavalier microphone.

Profile video

The profile video was meant to show the personal branding of one of the owners, Julian Christmas. By walking through the area of Christianshavn, it showed the local interest in the capital area of Denmark. It also showed that the marketing company is constantly moving and follow the new trends by walking through the whole video.



Five social videos

All the videos below is meant for sharing at social media platforms like blogs, Facebook, Linked and YouTube. All videos are currently available at Novosights YouTube channel. The videos are designed to continue to show the interest in the local area. We moved around at different locations but made sure, that you always knew, that they are located in Copenhagen. All videos feature the CEO of Novosight and should be relative fast paced for easy and quick information for the viewer. Perfect for social media.


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