Project: Tistrup Mejeri Website


As a school project, my group and I was asked to design a new website for the local dairy Tistrup Mejeri. The dairy was not available at the internet before our project, and we therefore chose to work on a simple website that, based on the user group, was aimed at showing easy information about the dairy. We wanted to display the opening times, some of the cheeses they got and how to get to their local store.

Based on their logo we wanted the site to be simple and plain. Also their values shows tells about quality, passion and tradition. We did not want to take the attention from the products and the nice pictures of the dairy, and we wanted the design to support that the dairy is old and got a lot of traditions.

We were chosen as the design, that Tistrup Mejeri wanted to implement and are currently working on the implementation of this site.

The website is designed in the CMS system Concrete5.

The site will be available at

Below you will find screenshots of the website. Click the thumbnails to have the screenshots shown big.


Front page


About page


Visit page


Cheese selection page


Contact page